“Blending the Past and Present: Umbro and West Ham United Usher in a New Era with the 2022-23 Home Kit”

West Ham United


In a stirring blend of sports tradition and modern design, the globally recognized sportswear brand Umbro, and one of the Premier League’s stalwarts, West Ham United, have come together. The collaboration results in a bold new home kit for the football season of 2022-23. With its exquisite wine-red and sky-blue color scheme, the jersey symbolizes a significant milestone as the ‘Hammers gear up to carve their path in the upcoming European competitions.

Nostalgic Origins – Honoring the Past:

The new design carries echoes of a beloved past. This nostalgia-inducing kit borrows heavily from the iconic jersey donned by the promotion-winning team from three decades ago; a team immortalized under the astute leadership of Billy Bonds. The classic design that was then a symbol of triumph and unity has been given a fresh spin, making it a modern emblem that successfully bridges the past with the present.

Color Scheme – A Nod to Tradition:

The home kit is a beautiful tribute to the traditional color scheme that has become synonymous with the club over the years. The jersey beautifully balances the deep wine-red body with striking sky-blue and white graffiti details adorning the sleeves. The result is a captivating modern design that maintains its ties with the club’s vibrant history.

Walking Down Memory Lane:

The jersey will be a poignant reminder of yesteryears for long-standing West Ham fans. The kit resonates with memories of past legends who once graced the field wearing the iconic Hammers colors. Figures such as Julian Dicks, Trevor Morley, and Ian Bishop come to mind, their performances and contributions still vivid in the fans’ memory. While the new design evokes a sense of nostalgia, it is also an inspiring nod to the upcoming generation of Hammers who will carve their path in the game.

The Dawn of a New Era:

As the football world stands on the precipice of an exciting new season, there is a heightened sense of anticipation surrounding West Ham United’s journey, made even more palpable by the unveiling of their new kit. With its unique fusion of vintage design and contemporary aesthetics, this jersey stands as more than just a uniform. It represents a bold new era for the club, capturing the spirit of the game and carrying the weight of a rich heritage.

The Making of a Legend:

The creation of the new kit is not merely about fashion or aesthetics. It is a profoundly symbolic act, invoking the spirit of past triumphs and the promise of future glory. The design process incorporated elements of the club’s identity, paying tribute to West Ham’s iconic colors and etching them into a garment worn by the next generation of players. While intrinsically connected to the past, the new design also provides a canvas for the Hammers’ future successes.

The Umbro Effect:

Umbro, renowned for its long-standing tradition of producing high-quality football kits, brought its unique expertise to this collaboration. They were instrumental in incorporating West Ham United’s traditional aesthetics into a modern and appealing design, making the jersey as comfortable as it is stylish. With its thoughtful balance of functionality and fashion, the new kit is designed to enhance the players’ performance while also connecting them to the history they represent.

Creating Memories:

As West Ham United steps into the spotlight of the European competitions in their new Umbro kit, they will create new memories for their fans. The wine-red and sky-blue kit will symbolize the club’s identity and become an integral part of the team’s narrative in the coming season. The anticipation of the players taking the field in their new kit, the crowd’s roar when the team scores their first goal in their new attire, and the sense of unity and excitement it will create all contribute to the story yet to be written.


The unveiling of the new Umbro-West Ham United kit marks an exciting juncture in the club’s journey. It perfectly blends the past and present, a symbol of continuity and change. It captures the essence of the club’s history while looking ahead to its future. As the latest generation of Hammers step onto the field in their striking wine-red and sky-blue jerseys, they will carry a legacy and shape the future. This is the dawn of a new era that embraces the rich heritage of the past while eagerly anticipating the possibilities of the future. The stage is set, and the Hammers are ready to make their mark in the future European competitions, dressed in their splendid new Umbro kit.