Arsenal’s 2021/22 Away Kit: A Detailed Analysis of a Historical Tribute


1: Introduction to the Kit

As we explore new football kits for the season, we turn our gaze toward Arsenal. Despite a significant investment during the summer transfer window, the team’s performance in the league could have been more spectacular. Nonetheless, what has captured our attention is the club’s 2021/22 away kit. Sporting a minimalist yet stylish aesthetic, it has already aroused a sense of nostalgia among ardent Arsenal fans, inviting the question: Have all the Gunners added this jersey to their collections?

2: Honoring the Glorious Past

The 2021/22 away kit stands out due to its intricate link to Arsenal’s rich history. The critical design elements are deeply influenced by the 1971 away kit, a pivotal year for Arsenal. That year, the Gunners claimed the league title and the FA Cup in a triumphant double victory, an achievement celebrated enthusiastically at the iconic Wembley Stadium. This homage to that legendary season is far from an arbitrary design choice; it is a deliberate tribute to a bygone era of supremacy when Arsenal towered over all other clubs in English football.

3: The Return of the Cannon

One significant aspect that injects a sense of historic charm into the away kit is the re-emergence of the cannon in the club’s emblem. This iconic symbol has not been featured since the advent of the Premier League era, making its comeback a noteworthy event. The decision to reintroduce this symbol underscores a thoughtful design approach, harkening back to the club’s rich heritage and evoking vivid memories of Arsenal’s triumphant past. The cannon represents more than just a logo; it encapsulates the essence of the club’s identity and serves as a living testament to its profound legacy.

4: The Color Story

The 1971 season’s homage is extended to the away kit’s color palette and detailing. The “Pearl Citrine” yellow is a visually arresting primary color that harks back to the away equipment donned by the team in 1971. This delicate shade of yellow not only adds a splash of vibrancy and instantaneously brings to mind the jubilant memories of that great season. This color is beautifully contrasted with an understated yet elegant navy blue round collar, making the jersey suitable for everyday wear and athletic occasions.

5: The Silent Motto

The away kit embodies the club’s principles subtly within its design. The phrase “Arsenal for Everyone” is incorporated inside the collar, reflecting the club’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity – principles it firmly upholds. The club’s Latin motto, “Victoria Concordia Crescit” or “Victory Comes from Harmony,” is delicately embroidered on the lower hem at the back. This subtle inscription is a constant reminder of the unity, collaboration, and team spirit that have driven the club’s successes over the decades.

6: Modern Touches

Incorporating contemporary design elements, the away kit also boasts red accents on the sleeves – a striking divergence from the home kit’s color scheme. This unexpected color juxtaposition adds a touch of modernity to the overall design, ensuring the equipment remains fashionable and contemporary. This design choice enhances its visual appeal, distinguishing it from other kits and making it a trendy wardrobe essential for fans.

Conclusion: Bridging the Past and Future

In essence, Arsenal’s 2021/22 away kit is a beautiful blend of history and modernity. While paying homage to the club’s glorious past, it also symbolizes the team’s aspirations for future triumphs. With its combination of style, nostalgia, and contemporary design, this kit is a must-have for every Arsenal fan.