Honoring Heritage and Looking Forward: Arsenal’s 2021-22 Away Kit Revealed


1: Delving into the Past: The Inspiration behind Arsenal’s 2021-22 Away Kit

Today marked a pivotal moment in football fashion history as Adidas unveiled the eagerly-awaited Arsenal Football Club’s 2021-22 away kit. This jersey pays tribute to Arsenal’s incredible 1971 double-winning season, a pivotal year when they claimed both the league title and the FA Cup at Wembley Stadium. Injecting a dash of nostalgia, the kit sees the iconic cannon emblem taking center stage, replacing the traditional club crest for the first time in English Premier League play – a testament to Arsenal’s storied Past.

2: Merging Old and New: The Design of Arsenal’s 2021-22 Away Kit

Embodying a bold new design while echoing history, the away jersey adorns a vibrant pearl lemon yellow as its primary color, a delightful contrast to the collegiate navy blue brand logo. Deep red accents on the sleeves add an element of surprise to the design, creating a harmonious blend of color. The cannon emblem, last seen in the 1988-90 season, has made a spectacular comeback in this jersey. This design choice refers to a significant time in Arsenal’s history and will also feature on the accompanying navy blue shorts and pale yellow socks.

3: Building an Inclusive Community: Arsenal’s Commitment to Diversity

Arsenal’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity goes beyond words. Every jersey for the upcoming 2021-22 season carries the “Arsenal for Everyone” badge prominently on the back collar. This initiative, initiated by Arsenal in 2008, advocates for a sense of belonging amongst all community members. It is a powerful tribute to the diversity within the Arsenal family and stands as a testament to the club’s dedication to fostering an inclusive environment for everyone.

4: Crafted for Comfort and Performance: Player and Fan Editions

Understanding the varying needs of players and fans, two versions of the new kit will be available. The player edition, optimized for performance, utilizes Adidas’ state-of-the-art HEAT.RDY technology. This technology is designed to regulate body temperature and manage sweat, providing players a comfortable and calm on-field experience. On the other hand, the fan edition features AEROREADY technology, promising comfort and durability to fans, whether they’re cheering from the stands or their homes. Completing the away kit lineup is the newly released goalkeeper’s jersey.

5: Celebrating Arsenal’s Journey: The Symbolism of the 2021-22 Away Kit

The newly launched 2021-22 away kit encapsulates Arsenal’s rich history while simultaneously embracing the future. The cannon’s return is a design element and a symbol of the club’s legacy. Coupled with the tribute to the victorious 1971 season and the expression of commitment to diversity and inclusivity, the kit is a statement of Arsenal’s pride in its heritage, ambition for the future, and appreciation for its diverse, global fan base.
6: A Historical Journey: The Evolution of the Arsenal Emblem

The return of the iconic cannon emblem signifies a meaningful shift in Arsenal’s visual representation. Initially included in Arsenal’s crest in 1888, the cannon has been an enduring symbol of the club. Its use in the 2021-22 away kit after decades away from the central spotlight speaks volumes about the importance of Arsenal’s heritage. The last time the cannon replaced the club crest was in the 1988-90 seasons, adding to the nostalgic feel of the new kit. This emblem isn’t just a motif; it embodies the essence of the club, its fans, and the area of North London it calls home.

7: Technology Meets Fashion: Enhancing Performance with Adidas’ Tech

In the new away kit, Adidas has ingeniously combined fashion and technology. The player edition kit is equipped with Adidas’ HEAT.RDY technology is designed to facilitate temperature regulation and sweat management. It keeps the players cool, dry, and comfortable, even during high-intensity play. The fan edition kit features AEROREADY technology, ensuring fans experience comfort while they show support for their favorite team. This blend of style and technology brings the game closer to fans and enhances players’ performances on the pitch.

8: Arsenal for Everyone: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

“Arsenal for Everyone” is more than a badge on a jersey; it’s an ethos that drives the club. This initiative, initiated in 2008, has been instrumental in promoting diversity and inclusion within the Arsenal community. The club is committed to creating an environment where every fan, player, and staff member feels valued and part of the Arsenal family. The 2021-22 away kit serves as a wearable reminder of this commitment, celebrating the rich diversity that defines the global Arsenal fan base.

9: The Arsenal Legacy: Looking Forward with an Eye on the Past

As Arsenal enters the future, it does so with a deep appreciation for its rich Past. The newly launched 2021-22 away kit celebrates this journey, honoring the club’s victories, storied history, and diverse and global community. As fans don the new kit, they’ll be wearing more than just a jersey, they’ll be wearing a piece of Arsenal’s history, a symbol of the club’s enduring spirit, and a tribute to the community that has stood by the team through thick and thin. Here’s to a successful season filled with passion, unity, and exciting football!