Celebrating the New Premier League Season: Arsenal and Adidas Unveil the Retro-Inspired 2021-22 Third Kit


Embracing the Past: The Retro Inspiration Behind the Design

As the English Premier League readies itself for the return of passionate fans to the pitch, Adidas and Arsenal have collaborated to produce a cutting-edge third kit for the 2021-22 season. Rooted in the vibrant culture of the 1990s, the new equipment embodies a harmonious blend of history and modernity.

The design draws from the bold patterns of the 90s, showcasing a lightning motif that stretches across the entirety of the jersey. This audacious element is complemented by a dual-tone Adidas logo on the chest, a subtle tribute to the iconic EQT badge of the same era. This fusion of past and present speaks volumes about sports fashion’s evolution and classic designs’ enduring appeal.

Bold Colours and Comfort-First Approach

The new kit boasts a palette that combines shades of ‘Mystery Blue,’ scarlet, cyan, and light blue. The ensemble, including deep blue shorts and socks, encapsulates Arsenal’s distinctive identity and echoes its robust legacy on the field.

Ensuring that every supporter can showcase their allegiance, the collaboration between Adidas and Arsenal extends beyond the men’s jersey to include options for women and younger fans. This commitment to inclusivity enables supporters across age groups and genders to don their team’s colors proudly.

Eager Anticipation: The On-Pitch Debut

The anticipation surrounding the new kit is palpable, set to reach fever pitch on August 13th. On this day, Arsenal, donning the new attire, will face Brentford in an away game marking the opening of the new Premier League season. This event offers fans and players the chance to see the new kit making its grand debut in a competitive setting, a moment imbued with excitement and expectation.

A Designer’s Perspective: Inigo Turner on the New Kit

Inigo Turner, Design Director at Adidas, shares an intimate insight into the creation process. He describes how they harnessed “the spirit of 1990s London” and combined it with Arsenal’s DNA and Adidas’ design language from that time. The result is a kit that pays homage to Arsenal’s rich history while embracing the preferences of a new generation of ‘Gunners.’ Turner sincerely hopes that fans will find the kit as appealing and meaningful as the team behind its creation.

Diversity and Sustainability: The Arsenal and Adidas Pledge

Further setting the 2021-22 kits apart is the “Arsenal for Everyone” emblem on the back collar. This is a poignant acknowledgment of Arsenal’s 2008 inclusivity campaign, affirming the club’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Both Arsenal and Adidas have also prioritized sustainability in producing the new kit. The jersey is manufactured using PRIMEGREEN, a series of high-performance recycled materials. Meanwhile, the player’s version incorporates Adidas’ pioneering HEAT.RDY technology helps athletes manage body heat and sweat, ensuring optimal performance on the pitch. Fans are included, too, as their version features the comfort-enhancing AEROREADY technology.

The unveiling of this unique new third kit has added a fresh layer of anticipation to the upcoming Premier League season, highlighting the commitment of Arsenal and Adidas to quality, innovation, and sustainability. The countdown has begun, and fans worldwide are ready to rally behind the ‘Gunners’ in their stylish new attire.

Details That Matter: The Significance of the Design

Every aspect of the new third kit’s design is a testament to the creative prowess of Adidas and the proud history of Arsenal Football Club. Combined with the dual-tone Adidas logo, the lightning motif isn’t merely an aesthetic choice; it’s an homage to the club’s illustrious past and a nod to the celebrated EQT badge of the 90s. This elegant fusion of past and present exemplifies the club’s evolution and showcases Adidas’ exceptional design capabilities.

The choice of colors—’Mystery Blue,’ scarlet, cyan, and light blue—adds to the kit’s appeal, creating a unique look bound to turn heads on the pitch. Paired with deep blue shorts and socks, the ensemble is a fashionable representation of Arsenal’s rich footballing legacy.

A Kit for All: Embracing Inclusivity

Continuing the theme of inclusivity, Arsenal and Adidas have extended the design to cater to all supporters. The launch includes jerseys for men, women, and youth, ensuring that fans of all ages and genders can proudly wear their team’s colors. The sense of belonging and pride that comes with donning a club’s jersey is universal, and by ensuring everyone has access to the new kit, Arsenal and Adidas are strengthening their ties with the global fan base.

Ready for the Spotlight: The New Kit’s On-Pitch Debut

The stage is set for the new kit’s grand debut on August 13th. As Arsenal faces off against Brentford in the opening game of the new Premier League season, the players will be donned in the stylish third kit. This is more than just the kit’s first competitive outing; it’s a symbolic moment that highlights the start of a new chapter in Arsenal’s journey, one filled with promise and potential.

The Driving Forces: A Word from the Designer

Inigo Turner, Adidas’ Design Director, spoke about how they channeled the spirit of 1990s London into creating the kit. The result is a design that is as deeply tied to the club’s roots as it is appealing to the newer generation of fans. Turner hopes that fans will appreciate the thought and effort into creating a kit that embodies the spirit of Arsenal.

Building a Better Future: The Role of Sustainability and Diversity

The back collar of each kit features the “Arsenal for Everyone” emblem, a tribute to the club’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity. This commitment extends beyond the pitch, as Arsenal aims to create a sense of belonging and acceptance among its diverse fan base.

With the introduction of the new third kit, both Arsenal and Adidas are also reaffirming their commitment to sustainability. Made from PRIMEGREEN, a series of high-performance recycled materials, the new equipment illustrates that eco-friendly practices can go hand in hand with high-quality sportswear design.

As the Premier League season draws closer, the excitement around the new kit continues to grow. The Arsenal’s new third kit, blending style, sustainability, and inclusivity, symbolizes the club’s enduring spirit and readiness for the challenges ahead. As fans across the globe prepare to cheer on the ‘Gunners,’ they can do so with pride, knowing they’re part of a club that values its past, fans, and future.