Art Deco and Arsenal United: The Launch of the 2020-21 Home Kit by Arsenal and Adidas


Subheading: An Innovative Collaboration Honouring Tradition

In a spectacular collaboration display, sporting behemoth Adidas and Premier League’s distinguished club, Arsenal, have unveiled an exceptional new home kit for the 2020-21 season. Far from being just another team jersey, this fresh release symbolizes a deep-rooted homage to the club’s rich legacy. The design draws from the prolific “Art Deco” era of the 1930s and 40s. This vibrant historical period captured the hearts of generations of Arsenal fans and unified them in their love for the sport and the club.

Saluting the Club’s Rich Historical Symbolism

The new Arsenal kit pays tribute to a time in the club’s history that holds a special place in fans’ hearts. It takes inspiration from the geometric badges that the club proudly displayed from 1936 to 1949. An intricate chevron pattern, a creative evolution of the letter “A” from these historic badges, adorns the kit, adding an element of nostalgia.

This design salutes more than just a former logo, and it throws back to the iconic marble-hall floor layout of Highbury’s East Stand – a beloved symbol of the Gunners’ home before the club moved to the Emirates Stadium in 2006. Each detail of the kit design serves as a narrative of the club’s heritage, ensuring every wear is a reminder of the club’s golden past.

The Essence of Arsenal: Emblems and Colours

The back of the jersey collar proudly displays a classic club crest, symbolizing the club’s longstanding identity. The chevron’s arrow-shaped pattern, pointing east (right) and west (left), represents the evolution of Arsenal’s iconic cannon emblem.

In honoring its tradition, the kit also embraces a deep, bold red – the color long associated with Arsenal. This rich shade is a distinct symbol for the club, representing its unique identity, deeply rooted in Arsenal’s DNA.

Comfort and Style for Players and Fans

Understanding the differing needs of players and fans, the new kit comes in two specially tailored versions. The player edition is fitted with Adidas’ advanced HEAT, and RDY technology is crafted to promote cooling and sweat-wicking for an optimum, comfortable experience on the pitch.

In contrast, the supporter edition incorporates AEROREADY technology for enhanced wearability and comfort. This feature ensures that fans are just as match-ready as their favorite players and can proudly sport their team colors.

Unveiling the Kit: From Premier League to FA Cup

In a fitting debut, Arsenal’s team will proudly showcase the new jersey for the first time during their Premier League finale against Watford on July 26. A few days later, on August 1, the “Gunners” will step onto the hallowed turf at Wembley Stadium, donning their new kit in a quest for their 14th FA Cup trophy.

More Than a Jersey: A Symbol of Pride and Legacy

The collaboration between Adidas and Arsenal transcends the typical kit launch, and it delves deep into an artistic era that sculpted and celebrated the club’s identity in fabric and design. As the jersey connects history with the present, it symbolizes the club’s evolution while simultaneously instilling excitement and hope for a promising future.

As fans worldwide eagerly anticipate seeing their heroes in this historically inspired design, the new kit stands as a proud symbol of tradition, an embodiment of Arsenal’s illustrious history, and a beacon for another exciting season.

The Design Process: An Artistic Endeavour

Crafting the new Arsenal home kit was more than merely a task of tailoring and manufacturing. It was an artistic endeavor that required intensive research and a deep understanding of Arsenal’s rich heritage. Working in collaboration with Arsenal, the Adidas design team went to great lengths to authentically incorporate elements from the club’s history.

An Ode to Art Deco: The Style Statement

Art Deco, the design style that originated in the 1920s and 1930s, has influenced architecture, art, and fashion over the past century. Known for its bold geometric forms, rich colors, and lavish ornamentation, Art Deco embodies a sense of optimism and progress. It’s this spirit that the new kit aims to capture – it’s not just about reflecting Arsenal’s past but about carrying forward the Art Deco legacy of hope and positivity.

The Technology Behind the Comfort

Adidas integrated its advanced HEAT to cater to players’ unique demands.RDY technology into the player edition of the kit. This cutting-edge technology promotes cooling and manages sweat, ensuring the players maintain peak performance even under extreme match conditions. Meanwhile, the supporter edition comes with AEROREADY technology, designed for maximum comfort and breathability, allowing fans to enjoy the game without distraction.

A Grand Debut and Beyond

The much-awaited debut of the new home kit will take place during Arsenal’s Premier League finale against Watford. This pivotal match, set for July 26, will be a proud moment for the players and fans as they step into a new era with their team.

The next highlight will be the FA Cup finals on August 1, where the Gunners will charge towards their 14th FA Cup trophy donning their new kit. The symbolism is significant: as the team strides forward to create recent history, they will be clad in a design that connects them to their illustrious past.

A Legacy Stitched in Fabric

This collaboration between Adidas and Arsenal transcends the confines of a traditional kit launch. It’s a celebration of an artistic era that shaped the club’s identity, and it’s a tribute to the legacy that has always set Arsenal apart. As this jersey bridges the gap between the club’s history and future, it brings a renewed sense of excitement and anticipation to its supporters worldwide. The 2020-21 home kit is not just a shirt – it’s a proud display of Arsenal’s rich history, ready to face another thrilling season.